Tamino (tamino) wrote,

"I roll the window down, and then begin to breathe in"

Pennsylvania is one of the most beautiful places to drive through that I've ever experienced in my life. That was true when W. and S. drove me to Four Quarters, it was true when P. drove me to Corry, and it was true today when I drove from Pittsburgh to Erie and back. The quality of the light is different. There are hillsides covered with trees as far as the eye can see -- so far, it's equal to some parts of California. But it's not an icy alternation of light and shadow; it's a frosty softness of *shades* of green, shades that aren't so much darker or lighter, but just green and other-green, and all of them beautiful.

I was driving through an incredibly beautiful part, today, and I had an impulse to turn on the radio in my rental car. What came on was a rock ballad that was just perfect for the moment. The sun was bright, but not hot. A bright orange butterfly dipped in its flight in front of me, but deftly flew back upwards before the car reached it.

79 crosses I-80, and it occurred to me that I had been on that very spot (albeit traveling west instead of north) twelve years ago, with D.
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